Editorial process and peer review

Acta Medica Mediterranea is a scientific journal that publishes original research articles in the field of medical sciences and research. The journal follows a rigorous editorial and peer review process consisting of several stages to ensure scientific rigor and compliance with editorial policies and ethical standards.

The initial stage involves an internal quality check to identify potential issues such as conflicting interests, compliance with ethical standards, financial communications, and availability of data. Contributions may be returned to authors for editing or clarification at this stage. Each submission is then assigned to an Academic Editor with relevant expertise who reviews the manuscript against the journal's publication criteria and determines whether additional expert reviews are needed to evaluate the manuscript.

The Editor-in-Chief selects reviewers based on experience, publication history, and past revisions and invites them to provide feedback on the manuscript. The responsible academic editor or staff editor makes the final decision on each manuscript based on the reviewer's feedback and their own assessment of the manuscript. The following decision types are available: Reject, Major revisions, Minor revisions, and Accept. Decisions are communicated to the corresponding author in a formal letter, along with reviewer feedback and any other requirements from the journal office. If the manuscript has potential for publication but requires editing, authors will be invited to review it within 30 days for major or minor revisions.

The revised manuscript is reassigned to the original academic editor, who can make a new decision based on their assessment of the revised manuscript and the author's response to the reviewers, or request additional input from external reviewers. Once the responsible editor is satisfied with the scientific aspects of the manuscript, they will issue an editorial acceptance decision. This is a provisional acceptance, pending final formatting checks and technical requirements.

Once the final requirements are met, the journal office will issue a formal decision of acceptance and the manuscript will go into production. Acta Medica Mediterranea offers accepted authors the opportunity to publish the peer review history of their manuscript together with the final article. The Peer Review History package includes the complete editorial decision letter for each review, with reviews and responses to reviewers' comments, including attachments.

Authors can lodge a formal appeal for rejected proposals by submitting a detailed appeal in writing to info@actamedicamediterranea.com.

Decisions on appeals are final without exception, and priority is given to new submissions. For any questions at any stage of the process, authors can contact the journal at info@actamedicamediterranea.com