Tian Tian*, Fu Hong**, Zhihong Zhang*, Liting Qian**, #


*Department of Respiratory Oncology, Anhui Provincial Cancer Hospital, Hefei, PR China - **Department of Radiotherapy, Anhui Provincial Cancer Hospital, Hefei, PR China


Introduction: lung cancer is easier to result in distant metastasis. The common sites are liver, bone and encephalon.Clinically, lung cancer thyroid metastasis is rare.

Method: we retrospectively analyzed a case of lung adenocarcinoma with ALK rearrangement, and the pathology of thyroid mass puncture confirmed metastatic carcinoma.

Result: the patient developed neck mass two years before the diagnosis of lung cancer. The primary lesion was lung adenocarcinoma, and the gene state was ALK rearrangement. The primary and metastatic foci were significantly reduced after oral administration of crizotinib.It was confirmed again that the thyroid mass was caused by lung cancer metastasis.

Conclusion: lung cancer thyroid metastasis is rare, and puncture pathology can further confirm the diagnosis. The lesion was significantly reduced after targeted oral administration of crizotinib. This reconfirms the need for targeted therapy for lung cancer patients with genetic mutations.


Lung Adenocarcinoma, Thyroid Metastasis, ALK Rearrangement.