Gökşen Polat*, Elif Ünsal Avdal**


*İzmir Katip Celebi University, Institute of Health Science, Department of Internal Medicine Nursing - **İzmir Katip Celebi University, Faculty of Health Science, Department of Internal Medicine Nursing


Objective: The aim of this study is to develop a valid and reliable tool to determine the self-efficacy level of individuals with gestational diabetes.

Method: This study follows a psychometric methodological design. Content validity was evaluated using the Davis technique with eight experts. 252 individuals with gestational diabetes were included in the study. “Explanatory Factor Analysis, Confirmatory Factor Analysis, Barlett Test, Chi-Square Fit Test, Cronbach Alpha Test, Shapiro-Wilk Test, Hotelling’s T Test, Spearman Brown Coefficient, Guttman Split-Half Coefficient Test were used in the development of the item. 

Findings: The Self-Efficacy Scale in Gestational Diabetes (SESGD) is a five-point Likert-type scale consisting of four sub-dimensions. The total Cronbach alpha value of the scale was determined to be 0.654.

Result: In line with this data, “Self-Efficacy Scale in Gestational Diabetes” was determined to be a valid and reliable scale.


Gestational diabetes, self-efficacy, scale, scale development.