Yan Tian, Mingxia Sun, Yan Zhu, Shikai Wu#


Department of Medical Oncology, Peking University First Hospital, Beijing, PR China


Objective: Because cancer is the leading cause of death worldwide, microRNA (miRNA) markers have been used as new and non-invasive biomarkers for cancer diagnosis. Recently, miRNA markers have attracted considerable attention because of their abnormal expression, and they have been widely used in various studies.

Methods: Bile and pancreatic samples were randomly selected, and pancreas and bile duct carcinoma were identified by miRNA in peripheral blood. Microarray analysis was conducted to study the whole gene pathway and inhibit the proliferation of CCA cells in vitro and in vitro (P<0.05).

Results: The MiRNA markers are significantly different between tumour and normal tissues. At least two different tumour samples can be identified, and their exogenous expression can negatively regulate and promote apoptosis induced by chemotherapy drugs.

Conclusion: The evaluation of miRNA in peripheral blood can prevent and treat pancreatic and bile duct carcinoma.


MicroRNA, peripheral blood, western blot.