Qing Yang*, Hua Xiang**, Haixiao Wu*, Heng Zhang*, Ting Huang*, Yang Hu*, Haiyan Zhang***, #


*Department of Urology, Jinhua Hospital of Zhejiang University, Jinhua, PR China - **Department of Gastrology, Jinhua People’s Hospital, Jinhua, PR China - ***Department of Urology, Second Affiliated Hospital of Kunming Medical University, Kunming, PR China


Objective: To study the correlation between the expression level of ERRα and clinical pathological features and prognosis in bladder cancer. 

Methods: Sixty-three paraffin-embedded specimens and 27 para-carcinoma tissues were collected from patients with primary bladder cancer in the urology department of our hospital from September 2015 to August 2016. The expression of oestrogen receptor-related receptor α (ERRα) in bladder cancer tissues and adjacent cancer tissues was detected by immunohistochemistry and its correlation with clinical pathological features and prognosis was explored further. 

Results: The positive expression rate of ERRα in bladder cancer tissues was 73.06% (46/63), which was significantly higher than that in ERRα tissues (7.41% (2/27)) (P<0.01). The positive expression of ERRα was not associated with gender, age and tissue differentiation (P>0.05) but associated with TNM staging, and the positive expression rate in T3–T4 tissues was significantly higher than that in T1–T2 stage (P<0.05). The 3-year survival rate of patients with positive expression of ERRα was significantly lower than that of patients with negative expression of ERRα (P<0.05). TNM staging and ERRα expression can be used as independent risk factors for the prognosis of patients with bladder cancer. 

Conclusion: ERRα is of significance in the development of bladder cancer highly expressed in bladder cancer tissues, and it is closely related to the malignant biological behaviour of bladder cancer. The positive expression of ERR is related to the TNM stage and can be used as an important reference index for prevention and evaluation of bladder cancer prognosis.


Bladder cancer, ERRα, clinical pathological features, prognosis, correlation.