Yanghui Weng*,#, Xiongying Tan**


*Department of Physical Education, China University of Petroleum (East China) - **Fei Yang table tennis club, Qingdao, China


Background: in December 2019, COVID-19 outbreak broke out in Wuhan, and spread rapidly in China and the Europe, posing a significant challenge to public health in China and the world at large. Currently, the outbreak is basically under contain in China, while it is in full scale in Europe region.

Methods: through the means of literature, investigation and comparison, this study compared the dynamic data of the epidemic situation between China and the severe European countries. It analyzed the prevention and control strategies and measures in China.

Results: the prevention and contain strategies and specific criteria of COVID - 19 in China are scientific, accurate and practical.

Conclusion: as the first major battlefield for the prevention and control of COVID 19, China has paid a massive sacrifice for it, and gained abundant direct experience and remarkable results. Among them, the unified and efficient command system, the legal, scientific and accurate prevention and control strategy, and the prevention and control mode of moving forward and sinking centre of gravity are worth reference from by European region.


COVID-19 epidemic, Public Health, Public Policy, Global Events, Social Policy.