Kang Chen#, Xiaofeng Cai, Chi Qin, Xuqin Li, Yao Tuo, Jia Lai


Department of Ophthalmology, PLA 324 Hospital, Chongqin 400029, China


Objective: To compare the clinical effects of hypothermia plasma surgery (LTP) and autologous conjunctival transplantation (CAG) in the treatment of primary pterygium. 

Methods: 63 patients with primary pterygium treated in PLA 324 Hospital from 2013 to 2014 were divided into two groups: hypothermia plasma group (LTP group, n=30) and autologous conjunctival transplantation group (CAG group, n=33). LTP group were treated with pterygium resection combined with hypothermia plasma, and CAG group was treated with pterygium resection combined with autologous conjunctival transplantation. Postoperative observation: local hyperemia score, postoperative pain score, corneal epithelial healing and recurrence of the original operation site. 

Conclusion: The pain and corneal epithelial healing time in the early LTP group were less than those in the CAG group. The congestion in the local operation site in the CAG group was less than that in the LTP group, and the recurrence rate was not statistically significant. However, the surgical trauma in the LTP group was smaller and the cornea was smoother after operation, which was an effective new technique for the treatment of pterygium.


Pterygium, low temperature plasma, autologous conjunctival transplantation, recurrence.