Zhongnan University of Economics And Law, Wuhan, 430064, China


This study aimed to observe the effects of topical traumatic drug on expression of IL-6 in muscle cell of New Zealand rabbits after exercise-induced chronic skeletal muscle injury. Besides, the effect of IL-6 on restoration of injured muscle tissue was also analyzed. In view of this, the study was conducted by splitting forty-eight adult male New Zealand rabbits into three groups referred as Xiaotong strapping, voltaren and control group.. Each group was further subdivided into 4th-week and 5th-week group, each containing 8 rabbits. The animals were provoked with high-voltage and low-current stimulatorin order to initiate them to run and jump. At the end of training, different topical drugs were given to 4th-week and 5th-week voltaren and Xiaotong strapping groups. After a week of drug administration, medial head of left leg gastrocnemius muscle of these New Zealand rabbits were selected and kept in paraformaldehyde solution. The morphological changes in muscle tissue were deduced from the H&E stained and immunohi- stochemical images of IL-6 expression in cells. The expression of IL-6 in skeletal muscle cells showed a tendency to increase with the extension of training duration. Results obtained shows that the use of topical traumatic drugs could decrease inflammatory cytokines of exercise-induced chronic skeletal muscle injury. In addition, expression of IL-6 in muscle cell towards exercise-induced chronic skeletal muscle injury could be effectively decreased.


Topical traumatic drugs, Exercise-induced chronic skeletal muscle injury, IL-6 expression in muscle cell