School of Physical Education, Harbin University, Harbin, 150086, China


Purpose: Combined therapy of massage and moving cup manipulation was applied on martial arts athletes that sustained clo- sed soft tissue injury. Detailed analysis of this therapy revealed that such combined therapy can be an effective treatment for injuries such as closed soft tissue injury.

Methods: Documentary analysis and questionnaire methods were used in this study. A total of 2600 martial arts athletes who sustained closed soft tissue injury between Feb 2013 and Feb 2016 were selected as research subjects. The athletes underwent the proposed combined therapy of massage and moving cup manipulation treatment and the curative effect is analyzed.

Results: Closed soft tissue injury is a common injury sustained during training and competition of martial arts sport. Combined therapy of massage and moving cup manipulation can effectively relieve soft tissue injury and prolong the athletes’ career.

Conclusion: Prior to training sessions and competitions, athletes should warm-up to avoid severe injuries and stay healthy.


Sport Massage, Moving Cup Manipulation, Martial Arts Athlete, Closed Soft Tissue, Injury