Department of Physical Education, DaLian Maritime University, Dalian 116026, China


Knee fracture and ligament injury are very common in the competition and training of taekwondo athletes. In this study, speci- fic causes of athletes’ knee fracture and ligament injury were explored, the application of emergency CT examination in taekwondo athletes’ knee fracture and ligament injury was analyzed through a specific examination method, in order to verify the practical value of emergency CT examination in the clinic. 1400 taekwondo athletes with knee fracture and ligament injury were randomly selected as subjects, clinical data were retrospectively analyzed, with patients’ X-ray examination results, clinical and surgical results compa- red. Results showed that 1,000 out of 1,400 patients had fracture. 1200 cases (why 1200 ? only 1000 had fracture ?) of knee fracture were diagnosed by CT examination, with 10 false negative cases; 500 cases of fracture were detected by X-ray examination, 900 cases of ligament injury were diagnosed by CT examination with 50 false negative cases; 170 cases of medial collateral ligament injury were determined by X-ray with indirect signs. Based on the above findings we can conclude that CT examination had advantages when compared to X-ray examination, as it was more sensitive than X-ray examination in incomplete ligament injury diagnosis. For the diagnosis of complete laceration of ligament, X ray examination should be combined with clinical data to obtain a more accurate diagnosis.


Taekwondo Athletes, Emergency CT Examination, Knee Fracture, Ligament Injury, Clinical Application