2016 - Special Issue 1 - Acta medica mediterranea

Pag Title
477 Application of PDCA cycle in the management of medical staff hand hygiene in community hospitals
481 On the effect of health insurance on chinese rural elders’ health demand
485 VSD clinical efficacy for orthopedic trauma infection
489 Analysis of herd Behavior in group incidents from neuroscience
497 Clinical value of cytokines combined with the BISAP scoring system in early prediction of acute pancrea titis severity
501 Correlation analysis of polymorphism of methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase Gene C677T and congenital heart disease
505 Rehabilitation effect of massage with thermal magnetic therapy in treating lumbar muscle strain of athletes
511 Correlation between multi-slice CT signs of acute mesenteric vascular infarction and staging and progno- sis of intestinal infarction lesion
515 Effect of comprehensive nursing intervention on depression, anxiety and quality of life of infertility patients
519 Clinical study of CT, B ultrasound and nuclear magnetic resonance imaging in diagnosis of extrahepatic bile duct stones
523 Dexmedetomidine in anesthesia hemodynamics during surgery of children with congenital heart disease
527 Paclitaxel intraperitoeal perfusion chemotherapy for treatment of patients with advanced ovarian cancer
531 Analysis of use intensity of antimicrobial agents for spinal orthopedics before and after comprehensive intervention
535 Analysis of causes of muscular ligament strain of swimming athletes and clinical effect of radiation therapy
539 Ankle joint injury in aerobics and clinical rehabilitation effect of RICE treatment principle
543 Rotational atherectomy and drug eluting stent in treatment of unprotected left main coronary artery calcified ste- notic lesion
547 Clinical effect of meniscus tear repair surgery by arthroscopy
551 Nursing observation of curative effect of vibration sputum elimination machine for stroke patients with pulmo- nary infection
555 Repair of vascular endothelial cell function loss and atherosclerosis
559 Dosimetry comparison of two conformal radiotherapies after modified radical mastectomy
563 Effects of exercise on oxidative stress and related factors of obese young women
567 Analysis of basic causes and features of knee joint injuries of martial arts sportsmen
571 Effect of aerobic badminton combined with diet control on blood glucose and blood lipid in patients with metabolic syndrome
575 Hemostatic effect of bunting in otolaryngology head and neck surgery
579 The forgotten topological index of some drug structures
587 Application of stochastic petri nets for modelling the transmission of airborne infection in indoor environment
593 Dynamic simulation of lumbar vertebrae and pelvis in human falls
599 Significance of COX-2, HIF-1Α, CA153 and CA125 for breast cancer prognosis and evaluatio of thera- peutic effects
607 The FTIRfinger print of gypsum fibrosum
613 Treatment of hormone-refractory prostate cancer by wild-type P53 gene in combination with che- motherapy: case report
617 Economic impact of nosocomial infection in hemodialysis patients