2015 - Special Issue 1 - Acta medica mediterranea

Pag Title
1331 Comparison effectiveness of the bioadhesive paste containing licorice 5% with bioadhesive paste without drug in the management of recurrent aphthous stomatitis
1337 Development of a psychometric scale to measure student nurse satisfaction with their first practical clinical education
1345 The prevalence of helicobacter pylori cagA and iceA genotypes and possible clinical outcomes
1351 The relationship between emotional intelligence and life satisfaction and the mediatory role of resiliency and emotional balance among the students of Zanjan University
1359 Evaluating the effects of different levels of lipase enzyme on the quality of baguette bread
1365 The unknown kwy inhospitalization: nurse and patients perspective on family engagement
1373 Challenges to implementing physiologic Birth Program (PBP): a qualitative study of midwives opinion in Iran
1381 Efficacy of life review therapy with emphasis on islamic ontology on life expectancy promotion in infertile women
1387 Phytoremediation of Petroleum Contaminated Soil Using Matricaria Chamomilla
1393 Relationship between C-reactive protein and carotid artery intima media thickness in polycystic ovarian syndrome patients
1399 A comparative study on beef steers rearung in tie stall and free stall systems
1405 Comparing the serum total antioxidant capacity in children suffering from henoch-schönlein purpura in both active and remissive phase of the Illness
1411 Assessing the needs of victim women of domestic violence based on the type and causes of violence: a qualitative study
1421 Lack of association between rs10755578 polymorphisms of lipoprotein(a) gene and coronary artery disease in Iranian population
1427 Detecting antibiotic residues by HPLC method in chicken and calves meat in diet of a military center in Tehran
1435 PCSK9 SNP rs11591147 association study with coronary artery disease risk in Iran
1439 The effects of rs1801157G>A and rs1746048C>T polymorphisms in the CXCL12 gene on coronary artery disease
1447 Analysis of geographical accessibility to rural health houses using the geospatial information system, a case study: Khuzestan Province, South-West Iran
1455 A systematic review of the workload of nurses in intensive care units using NAS
1461 Comparison of photocatalytic systems including silver and titanium dioxide nanoparticles efficiencies for the E. coli removal from drinking water
1469 The effects of different local anesthetics on hemodynamic after injection for endodontictherapy: a randomized clinical trial
1479 Successful breastfeeding mothers’ experiences of the difficulties of exclusive breastfeeding
1489 Effect of gentamicin on development of rabbit testicular tissue in new born and adults
1495 Effect of positive thinking intervention on the Nurses’ Job Stress
1501 A new model of pressure propagation in human tissue in HIFU application