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2015 - Medica 6 - Acta medica mediterranea

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1127 Helicobacter pylori infection in multiple forms of dermatosis
1133 Relationship between myocardial perfusion scintigraphy findings and neutrophil lymphocyte ratio
1139 An overview of bone disease in HIV-infected patients
1153 Serum uric acid is not associated with diabetic nephropathy in patients with type 2 diabetes
1157 Mean platelet volume in brucellosis patients
1163 The association between total parenteral nutrition and central line-associated bloodstream infection
1169 The effect of biomass on the etiology of chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases and chronic rhinosinusitis
1175 Clinical pathological significance of expression of Tspan-1, Ki67 and CD34 in human lung cancer
1181 What is the restoring role of chrysin in alpha amanitin toxicity?
1187 The child with autism spectrum disorder (ASDs): Behavioral and neurobiological aspects
1195 Clinical characteristics, post-treatment assessment and prognostic factors affecting patient survival of patients at 65 years of age or older with Hodgkin Lymphoma: a retrospective multicenter study from Turkey
1203 Effects of sildenafil on the inflammatory and repair phase of bone healing speed in a rat model
1209 The importance of mean platelet volume and red cell distribution width in acute pulmonary Embolism
1217 The ocular ecosystem in the discoid lupus erythematosus
1223 The role of chitotriosidase activity as a prognostic biomarker in sarcoidosis
1229 A rare case of extra-intramedullary dorsal tanycitic ependymoma, radically removed with intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring
1233 The relation between disease activity, findings and mean platelet volume in Behçet’s Disease
1241 Factors associated with mortality among tuberculosis patients in southeast Turkey
1247 Measuring the glomerular filtration rate of serum samples with Tc-99m DTPA and the protein tolerance test to determine the renal functional reserve in the early period in patients with Behcet’s disease
1253 Safety and efficacy of tirofiban hydrochloride (TH) in cerulein-induced acute pancreatitis
1259 Transfusion in critically Ill trauma patients after Ya’an Earthquake
1265 Mediterranean diet and dietary protein supplementation as possible predicting variables of weight management: an update of the Protein Project
1271 Serum matrix metalloproteinase-9 levels and cardiovascular risk rates in subjects with metabolic syndrome
1277 One shoot seldinger central venous catheterization in dialyzed patients
1281 Treatment of diabetic retinopathy with herbal decoction: case report
1285 The effect of risk factors on the prevalence, awareness and control of hypertension: a multiple logistic regression analysis
1291 Association between IFN-γ 874A/T, TNF-α -308G/A AND IL-12Rβ2 –237C/T gene polymorphisms and susceptibility to pulmonary tuberculosis in a Turkish population
1299 A rare cause of blindness: cutaneous anthrax
1303 State of art on transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) for the treatment of aortic stenosis
1311 Postoperative mediastinitis in cardiac surgery - pathophysiology, risk factors and prevention
1319 Epidemiological, clinical and laboratory findings in adult patients with acute brucellosis: A case-control study