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2013 - Medica 3 - Acta medica mediterranea

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359 Jewish medicine and surgery in Catania, Italy before 1492
363 Between
369 The ocular surface in patients video display terminal (VDT)
375 Increased troponin values in patients undergoing vascular surgery
377 Partial hepatic resection in patients with a recent drug eluting stent in the coronary artery: a clinical case
381 Changes in apoptosis related protein expressions in peripheral polymorphonuclear neutrophils in rats with acute necrotizing pancreatitis
387 Concurrent perioperative acute myocardial infarction and new-onset postoperative atrial fibrillation following double valve replacements
393 Comparison the Quality of life in children with Tension Type Headaches and migranes with and without Auras
397 Determination of Hepatitis C Virus Genotype In Turkey by Pyrosequencing Technology and its Associated With Viral Load and Sgot, Sgpt Levels
403 A Conservative Approach to Uterine Dehiscence Cases without Bleeding After Cesarean: A Review of 3 Cases
407 Pilot study on the role of psychosocial aggression in a sample of cops and Robbers
411 Blue Rubber Bleb Nevus Syndrome: A case report
415 The Use of a Smartphone Application to Determine Cardiothoracic Ratio
419 Migraine and Tension-Type Headache in Schoolchildren in Western of Turkey
425 Catecholaminergic polymorphic ventricular tachycardia identified by 24 hours ECG monitor
429 Sexual dysfunction in premenopausal women with fibromyalgia
437 An Algorithm For Easy Intubation. Combined Use Of The MacIntosh Laryngoscope And Flexible Bronchoscope in Unexpected Difficult Intubation
443 Application of the T-SPOT.TB assay to identify Tuberculosis infection in children
447 Life Threathening Retroperitoneal Hematoma: Renal Cyst Rupture Induced by Laparoscopy?
451 Use of ultrasonography to screen for occult cancer in patients with idiopathic venous thrombosis
455 Cost and efficacy of perioperative antibiotic prophylaxis in a state hospital in Turkey
461 Retrospective analysis of cases of tuberculosis in a population of migrants in Sicily
467 Comparative evaluation between capsule endoscopy and CT enteroclysis in the study of obscure gastrointestinal bleeding: our experience
475 Dynamic Magnetic Resonance And Multiphasic Ct In The Characterisation Of Small Renal Tumours (< 3cm)
479 Laboratory support in chronic fungal rhinosinusitis NON-IgE-MEDIATED
483 Parotid tumors: A single institution experience in Jordan
489 Infection Frequency Among Intrauterine Copper T-380A Contraceptive Users
493 Hyperuricemia in patients with left ventricular dysfunction
497 Effects of folk medicinal plant extract Ankaferd Blood Stopper on burn wound healing
503 Evaluation of Diagnostic Radiation Doses due to Computorize Tomography in Adult Blunt Trauma Patients in Emergency Department
509 Brucellar Epididymo-orchitis in Southwest Anatolia, Turkey: A Retrospective Study of 14 patients
515 Mean Platelet Volume İn Patients With Acute And Chronic Cholecystitis
527 Prevalence of Legionella in hospital water systems: medicolegal and occupational considerations
533 Possible mechanism underlying association between non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and hypertension
539 Propofol-Ketamine Combination Has Favorable Impact On Orientation Times And Pain Scores Compared To Propofol In Dilatation And Curettage. A Randomized Trial
545 Benign Lung Tumors And Their Association With Malignant Tumors
551 Mean Platelet Volume: A simple indicator of Chronic Prostatitis
555 The relationship between alexithymia and sleep disorders in patients with knee osteoarthritis
561 The Evaluation Of Correlation Between Pain Grades And Re-Presentation Rates Of The Patients In Emergency Department
569 Synbiotic therapy increases eradication rate in Helicobacter pylori eradication
575 The efficacy of preempitive epidural levobupivacaine and morphine following the posterior fusion surgery in adolescents patients with congenital scoliosis
583 Diagnosis of respiratory allergic diseases